Adventures in New York: Bronx Zoo

Despite having lived in New York City for seven years, I had never ventured to one of the city's biggest attractions...until last year! The Bronx Zoo covers over 260 acres of land in the Bronx Borough of New York City. If you have the IDNYC, you can get a free one year membership (there are plenty … Continue reading Adventures in New York: Bronx Zoo

Adventures in New York: Red Hook Day

A throwback to the industrial past of the Brooklyn waterfront, the neighborhood of Red Hook is one of the most unique places to explore in New York City. Not accessible by subway (only bus or ferry), Red Hook offers a plethora of delicious places to eat and drink. On beautiful Saturday, I gathered a group … Continue reading Adventures in New York: Red Hook Day

Restaurant Review: Snowday in Brooklyn

One of my favorite Williamsburg restaurants, Sunday in Brooklyn, is hosting a pop-up bar within the restaurant called Snowday in Brooklyn. Snuggled in the back bar of the restaurant is this innovative space that would make any hygge snow bunny lover swoon! Each of the menus are adorable little books filled with themed craft cocktails. … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Snowday in Brooklyn

Restaurant Review: Cheeseboat BK

Nestled in the heart of bustling Williamsburg is Cheeseboat, an authentic Georgian (the country, not the state) restaurant, offering some of Brooklyn's cheesiest crab-loaded dishes. The female-lead restaurant is a cozy space with delicious food. We started with the Vegetarian Cuatro Dip, four different dips served with bread. Out of the smoky eggplant spread, beet & herb … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Cheeseboat BK

Official Unofficial NYC Brewery Tour: Breweries of Industry City

For the next stop on the Official Unofficial NYC Brewery Tour, we head a few blocks down from Five Borough Brewing Co. to Industry City. On the sixth floor of one of the reclaimed industrial buildings is a unique space that holds not one but two breweries and a distillery. The Wartega brewery, Industry City … Continue reading Official Unofficial NYC Brewery Tour: Breweries of Industry City

Restaurant Review: Nix

For the fabulous Sarah's birthday, we indulged by going to dinner at the vegetarian restaurant Nix. And even without any meat, it was seriously rich and indulgent! I started out the meal with a surprisingly savory cocktail. I tried the Baja, which is mango, paprika, tequila, and lime. It tasted like a margarita with a nice … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Nix

Long Island Winery Tour

Although there is plenty to do in New York City during the summer, sometimes you just have to beat the heat and get out of town! Luckily, the Long Island Railroad has guided trips. On the hottest weekend of the summer, my friend Sarah and I packed our day bags and headed for Jamaica Queens. … Continue reading Long Island Winery Tour

Restaurtant Review: Colador Cafe

Off the Bedford-Nostrad G stop is a delicious café, restaurant, and bar called the Colador. You can catch a Mets game there, grab a bite, or sip one of their beers on tap. One things I really love about the Colador is that they always have a very unique selection of drafts. Gabe, of the band Trash Gendar, (above) … Continue reading Restaurtant Review: Colador Cafe

Greenpoint Bites: Baoburg

New to the neighborhood, but not to NYC, is Chef Suchanan Aksornnan's Baoburg.  Recently named one of New York's most badass female chefs by Thrillist, the creations at Baoburg live up to the hype. I stopped by late on a recent week night, and the tiny restaurant was pretty packed. The décor is cute and charming, very … Continue reading Greenpoint Bites: Baoburg

Adventures in New York: Chinese Dry Pot

As a fan of hot pot, I knew I had to try Chinese dry pot! The new East Village/Alphabet City restaurant Mala Project serves just that. But what exactly is dry pot? A Sichuanese specialty, this dish is like hot pot but served dry sans soup.  Dinners select 4-10 different ingredients from meat to veggies to … Continue reading Adventures in New York: Chinese Dry Pot