Vlog Week 20

  Poetry, poetry, poetry. Watch me!

Return from the Wild

I survived a weekend cabin trip in Upstate New York. There really weren't too many terrifying Oh-My-God-we-are-in- the-middle-of-nowhere-no-one can-hear-us-scream moments. It really felt good to "get away from it all" as cliche as that sounds. As I have been trying to settle down and create a life for myself, I had started to forget how … Continue reading Return from the Wild

Friday Writing Prompt

New York Public Library, November¬† 2008 Happy Friday! By now, I am on my way to a cabin upstate to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. So, I suggest for this weekend's writing prompt--GET OUTSIDE! Leave your house/apartment and get somewhere green. Find a nice bench and just sit. You can bring you notebook if … Continue reading Friday Writing Prompt

One of the most beautiful feelings in the world…

...when you are so engrossed in a new book that you hear the subway conductor announce "please stand clear of the closing doors" and you look up, realizing that the doors to your stop are about to shut. You run off just in time and don't even care that you have two more trains to … Continue reading One of the most beautiful feelings in the world…

Adventures in Cooking: Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

Another Sunday, another Rachael Ray meal. Tonight I made one that I haven't made in about two years, vegetarian sloppy joes! The meat in the Joe is replaced with portabella mushrooms and red bell peppers. They make a great meat substitute. The mushrooms are hearty but not too heavy and greasy. As a recipe, this … Continue reading Adventures in Cooking: Vegetarian Sloppy Joes

Back in the Kitchen

Between my new job, the ease of making a sandwich, and my roommate not being home, I have not actually ventured into the kitchen in awhile. So I decided to make one of my favorite Ray-Ray meals, Cubano Mac and Chesse . As Rachael Ray would say, "YUM-O!" This is a great one, it is … Continue reading Back in the Kitchen