Friday Writing Prompt

Louisiana, May 2010 How does landscape and surroundings inform our writing? Think back to the landscape you grew up in...does it manifest itself in your writing today? Or do you see more of your current landscape? So for today's prompt, think of a word that best describes that landscape. Take that word and do a … Continue reading Friday Writing Prompt

When do you become a New Yorker?

Storm from a Williamsburg Rooftop, Summer 2011 I would say you become a New Yorker after surviving an earthquake and hurricane within a month. And Godzilla. Or most likely when you truly believe in the greatness of the G train. But I read this really lovely article by Jackie Berg on Thought Catalog. She says … Continue reading When do you become a New Yorker?

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Ok, yes, St. Patrick's Day was this past Saturday, but I really wanted to share the awesome NOMs Sarah and I made to celebrate. First, we baked and decorated Guinness Cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing. Here is us mixing things together. We used this recipe online. As suggested in the comments, I actually substituted … Continue reading Happy St. Patricks Day!