Beer Book: Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit Coaster The Black Rabbit is one of my all-time favorite bars in Greenpoint (actually maybe even in Brooklyn, which basically means favorite in New York City). Its decor draws very much on the ambiance of an old Irish pub without being kitschy or feeling out of place in the neighborhood. One of my … Continue reading Beer Book: Black Rabbit

Beer Book: The Bedford

Our next stop on the great Brooklyn Beer Book tour was The Bedford, a lovely bar on, of course, Bedford Ave. near the Williamsburg/Greenpoint border. There are two different bars and seating areas, but we chose to sit up front at the bar as it was still high brunch-time (brunch is a very serious endeavor … Continue reading Beer Book: The Bedford

Crif Dogs!

I am not really sure how, but I have managed to never go to Crif Dogs, a crazy hot dog shack in the village and Williamsburg. Through gaming the system, Sarah and I managed to procure a Groupon for $3 that gave us $28 worth of food.  I would like to say now that both … Continue reading Crif Dogs!

Beer Book: Mugs Ale House

The second stop on the great beer book tour: Mugs Ale House. Chosen because of its proximity to my apartment (despite how sunny it looks the day was actually freezing). To be honest, Mugs is not one of my favorite establishments along Bedford (the Hipster main drag of Williamsburg). It is just your standard pub … Continue reading Beer Book: Mugs Ale House

The Beer Book: Counting Room (Williamsburg)

Our first stop on the great Beer Book adventure was Counting Room, a lovely bar on the northern end of Williamsburg.  Grabbing the two corner seats of the bar, we ordered our first free beers, the Southern Tier Eurotrash Pilz. I had never been to Counting Room before, and it was a lovely experience. The … Continue reading The Beer Book: Counting Room (Williamsburg)

Adventures in New York: The Beer Book

After a slightly longer than intended hiatus from blogging, I am back! While I will continue to write about poetry and the occasional culinary endeavor, my latest project is blogging about my adventure with the  Beer Book! It is a coupon book of 30 free beers at 30 different bars around Brooklyn created by the … Continue reading Adventures in New York: The Beer Book