Summer Ramen at Ganso

Until recently, I had no idea that summer ramen even existed. Luckily, thanks to an email from Tasting Table NYC, I learned about Ganso, a ramen restaurant in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. I love noodles and soups, so I just had to try this dish. Located next to the Hoyt-Schermerhorn G stop (and about a half dozen … Continue reading Summer Ramen at Ganso

Hudson Valley Adventure Part II

After a lovely train ride, a trip to the grocery store, and a couple of wrong turns, we finally made it to our cabin in the woods. Eric Berelovich found the perfect place outside of Accord, NY. The cabin had plenty of bedrooms, the latest IKEA  furniture, but weirdly no curtains on any of the windows. … Continue reading Hudson Valley Adventure Part II

Escape from New York: Hudson Valley Adventure Part I

Even the most die-hard New Yorkers have to admit that getting out of the city at least every once in awhile is a good thing. On weekends in the summer, it seems like there is a mass exodus for the countryside. This past Fourth of July weekend, my friend Sarah and I joined that movement … Continue reading Escape from New York: Hudson Valley Adventure Part I

Myrtle Beach: Part II

Over the dunes, here is the surf. As much as I love the sand, I've always thought the Atlantic was cold, murky. It feels eerie not being able to see what you are stepping on. I don't think I went in past my knees. The damp, hard sand was the best for spreading out my beach … Continue reading Myrtle Beach: Part II

Myrtle Beach: Part I

A few weeks ago, I caught a direct flight from LGA (the gross terminal, which turns out to be all of the airport except the Delta terminal) down to Myrtle Beach. Aside from some weather related delays,  which have become the norm for me at this point, it was smooth traveling south. I was staying … Continue reading Myrtle Beach: Part I