Adventures in Cooking: Mushrooms and Kale

I have really been in the mood for mushrooms lately, so to decide what to make for dinner, I did a quick search of Rachel Ray's website. My search term: "mushroom." What I found was this creamy mushrooms and kale Since that is just a side dish, I decided to have some salmon as the … Continue reading Adventures in Cooking: Mushrooms and Kale

Chapbook Review: Love Poem to Androgyny

Love Poem to Androgyny By Stacey Wait 37 pp. Charlotte: Main Street Rag Poetry. $10 ISBN 978-1-59948-038-1 Stacey Waite's chapbook Love Poem to Androgyny is the winner of Main Street Rag's 2006 Chapbook Contest and an incredible collection of poetry. Jan Beatty describes these poems as having "no coded language, no playing dress-up here." They … Continue reading Chapbook Review: Love Poem to Androgyny

Restaurant in Reivew: The Lobster Joint

Lobster Roll, Fries, Pickle, and Fork Sunday night, I went to check out the Lobster Join in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The inside made me feel like summer again. The decor was very Eastern Seaboard shabby chic hut.I splurged and ordered the lobster roll with fries. It might not look like much food, but it was very … Continue reading Restaurant in Reivew: The Lobster Joint

Midweek Adventures

Today is a hodgepodge of adventure writing. Above is the youtube video for my first Vlog entry. I have joined the Vlog Poets, a group of poets posting youtube videos for an entire year speaking on different poetry topics. More info found here:  So check it out! Poetry is still living and breathing. On … Continue reading Midweek Adventures

Cooking Adventures: Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie

The staged magazine version Today, I will be "live blogging" my cooking adventure. The recipe that I am trying out is a slower cooker one from Real Simple Magazine. It can be found online here: I am off to the grocery store to go get my veggies and chicken so I can rev up … Continue reading Cooking Adventures: Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie

Chapbook Review: Shake It and It Snows

Shake It and It Snows By Gailmarie Pahmeier 17 pp. Pittsburgh: Coal Hill Review (an imprint of Autumn House Press) Poetry. $8 ISBN 978-1-932870-39-8 Coal Hill Review's 2009 Chapbook contest winner was Gailmarie Pahmeier's Shake It and It Snows. These poems are a hauntingly brief and beautiful glimpse into the world of a small town … Continue reading Chapbook Review: Shake It and It Snows

Friday Writing Prompt

Dublin, Ireland, June 2008 We made it to the weekend! Here is a writing prompt, inspired by my former professor Joy Katz, to get your creative juices flowing and start off your weekend writing. Write a love/hate letter to an inanimate object or a place. Need more direction? Try following these guidelines: 20 lines long; … Continue reading Friday Writing Prompt

Free Adventures: The Haircut

The Before Last week I posted that I was chosen to be a hair model for Bumble & Bumble U. Today was my first free haircut as a hair model. While the cut lasted about two hours, it was overall a positive experience. I was selected to receive the "razor bob" cut. Instead of using … Continue reading Free Adventures: The Haircut