Rear Window on Wheels: A Poem

Basically unrelated to my poem, here is a picture of a trashcan in Aachen, Germany. As part of an initiative to get citizens to clean up the town, they starting making talking trashcans. I wasn't going to throw my garbage on the ground regardless, but I love this little guy! He is telling me how … Continue reading Rear Window on Wheels: A Poem

Adventures in New York: Acme Smoked Fish

You might remember this slightly mysterious photo from last week... and here is the big reveal... It is an entire pound of Gravlax! Acme Smoked Fish is a wholesale supplier of various kinds of smoked fish. That really great bagel place in your NYC neighborhood, they most likely stock Acme products. Located right in between … Continue reading Adventures in New York: Acme Smoked Fish

Saturday Night in Eunice, Louisiana

A little bit of shameless self promotion, I just had a piece published yesterday on the awesome website, The Flexist. You should immediately click here and read it. The picture above isn't quite Eunice, it is actually Avery Island, LA, an name you might recognize from your bottle of Tabasco. Go check out The Flexist … Continue reading Saturday Night in Eunice, Louisiana

Sailing in Charleston Harbor

Although it is a bit of a geriatric activity, we decided to take a sunset cruise of the harbor on my last night in town. After some quick Google research, I quickly learned that there were not many available on Sunday nights a few hours before they set sail. The weather also looked ominous all day; there … Continue reading Sailing in Charleston Harbor

Charleston Outdoors

While Charleston has incredibly lovely historic homes, the natural landmarks are also stunning. No, I am not being sponsored about any sort of tourism department there, I just have to share how remarkable of a place it is. The picture above is actually the branches of a single tree- Angel Oak. This is the largest tree … Continue reading Charleston Outdoors

Charleston: Bowens Island Restaurant

After a fantastic weekend in Charleston, I am back in New York but have to share all of my foodie adventures! In addition to soul/low country food, seafood is another specialty. I had a lot of fun Friday night venturing out to Bowen Island (yes, an actually marshy island) near downtown Charleston. What used to … Continue reading Charleston: Bowens Island Restaurant

Charleston: Hominy Grill

  Last night, I arrived in Charleston, SC for a little mini-vacation. Getting out of New York was a challenge, to say the least. My original flight was scheduled to leave at 11am, but I didn't actually get off the ground until probably near 4pm. Between the weather and general incompetence at LGA, there were … Continue reading Charleston: Hominy Grill