Adventures in New York: Bronx Zoo


Despite having lived in New York City for seven years, I had never ventured to one of the city’s biggest attractions…until last year! The Bronx Zoo covers over 260 acres of land in the Bronx Borough of New York City. If you have the IDNYC, you can get a free one year membership (there are plenty of other perks, too. I highly recommend it).


There is so much to see! We spent quite awhile exploring the indoor world of birds.

There are also tiny primates like the lemurs.


There is also the mouse house, home to creatures such as the chinchilla.


Whether you are a longtime NYC resident or just visiting, I highly recommend taking the time to visit the Bronx Zoo. There are plenty of sights and activities for guests of all ages, you could easily spend a day (or two) there!


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