Restaurant Review: Cheeseboat BK


Nestled in the heart of bustling Williamsburg is Cheeseboat, an authentic Georgian (the country, not the state) restaurant, offering some of Brooklyn’s cheesiest crab-loaded dishes.

The female-lead restaurant is a cozy space with delicious food. We started with the Vegetarian Cuatro Dip, four different dips served with bread. Out of the smoky eggplant spread, beet & herb pesto, grilled peppered carrot pest, and chargrilled onion hummus, I will have to say the hummus was my favorite. But, it was fun to try a variety of dips.

The real start of the show, of course, was the eponymous made-to-order cheeseboats! These “cauldrons” of circular shaped bread come in a wide variety of toppings from spinach to chicken to beet greens. It was hard to select just two! We went with the Prosciutto Cheeseboat and the classic Cheeseboat (cheese, egg, butter).

I can’t wait to go back and try more!

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