Blog Roll Call

Epirus, Greece A little bit of a departure from my normal format, I thought I would write a little bit about the cooking blogs that inspire me. First is Rachel Ray. While a lot of chefs tend to scoff at her, Rachel Ray recipes are the way I learned to cook (thanks to my mom) … Continue reading Blog Roll Call

Rear Window on Wheels: A Poem

Basically unrelated to my poem, here is a picture of a trashcan in Aachen, Germany. As part of an initiative to get citizens to clean up the town, they starting making talking trashcans. I wasn't going to throw my garbage on the ground regardless, but I love this little guy! He is telling me how … Continue reading Rear Window on Wheels: A Poem

Saturday Night in Eunice, Louisiana

A little bit of shameless self promotion, I just had a piece published yesterday on the awesome website, The Flexist. You should immediately click here and read it. The picture above isn't quite Eunice, it is actually Avery Island, LA, an name you might recognize from your bottle of Tabasco. Go check out The Flexist … Continue reading Saturday Night in Eunice, Louisiana