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Adventures in Greece: Part III

From Athens, our Greece adventures continued to the Cycladic islands. Although there are plenty of ferry boats, both fast and slow, to Santorini, we decided to fly in order to maximize our time there. Another strategic planning choice was staying outside the smaller town of Oia, at the Ambelia Villas, instead of staying in the larger… Continue reading Adventures in Greece: Part III

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Adventures in Greece: Part II

  Waking up early in Athens, our goal was to explore the ancient sites. First stop, the Acropolis! The center of ancient Athens, the Acropolis has always been a scared place. While most know the iconic Parthenon, there are many other monuments and structures throughout the park. On the walk to the top, you pass… Continue reading Adventures in Greece: Part II

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Restaurant Review: Snowday in Brooklyn

One of my favorite Williamsburg restaurants, Sunday in Brooklyn, is hosting a pop-up bar within the restaurant called Snowday in Brooklyn. Snuggled in the back bar of the restaurant is this innovative space that would make any hygge snow bunny lover swoon! Each of the menus are adorable little books filled with themed craft cocktails.… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Snowday in Brooklyn

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Restaurant Review: Cheeseboat BK

Nestled in the heart of bustling Williamsburg is Cheeseboat, an authentic Georgian (the country, not the state) restaurant, offering some of Brooklyn’s cheesiest crab-loaded dishes. The female-lead restaurant is a cozy space with delicious food. We started with the Vegetarian Cuatro Dip, four different dips served with bread. Out of the smoky eggplant spread, beet & herb… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Cheeseboat BK

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Adventures in Brooklyn: Greenwood Cemetery + Morbid Anatomy Museum

Did you know that Brooklyn has its own Cherry Blossom season? The historic Greenwood Cemetery has several Cherry Blossom trees that come into full bloom in the spring. Located in South Brooklyn, it is a gorgeous walk on a breezy spring day. It isn’t just the trees that are spectacular. The monuments and gravestones are… Continue reading Adventures in Brooklyn: Greenwood Cemetery + Morbid Anatomy Museum

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Restaurant Review: Momo Sushi Shack

Momo Sushi Shack in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick has long been on my list of new restaurants to try. I was very excited when I finally got a taste! First things first, we ordered the Heritage Pork buns, soft buns stuffed with delicious pork belly. Next up, Gyoza! The picture doesn’t do it justice,… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Momo Sushi Shack

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Winter Weekend in Charleston: Part III

Having re-fueled with oysters, our next stop on the Charleston food and drink trip was the Palmetto Brewery. The oldest brewery in South Carolina, Palmetto has a tap room where beer enthusiasts can sample their brews, listen to live music, and hang out. I started with the Ginger Slap, the winter seasonal red ale spiced… Continue reading Winter Weekend in Charleston: Part III