Restaurant Review: Casa Enrique

I cannot believe how long it has taken me to finally try Long Island City’s very own Michelin Starred Casa Enrique. Just two subway stops away from me is some of the best Mexican food I have ever had. Luckily they take reservations, so one Saturday we headed there for brunch. Before we even ordered, we were brought funky complimentary chips. We had fun trying them in the different hot sauces. First up, guacamole! Served with big warm tortilla chips. this is guacamole at its simplest and best. No extra ingredients, just the classics.

The fish tacos were breathtaking, The fish was ever so lightly battered and the flavors enhanced by the cilantro and sauce. We followed up that seafood delicacy with the crab tostadas, crab layered atop a crispy tortilla with avocado, tomato, chile serrano, and cilantro. I would highly recommend both, there is no reason to pick between the two.


We wrapped the meal up with the enchilada de pollo con mole de piaxtla. Grilled chicken breast is enveloped in corn tortilla along with black beans. Those roles are then smothered in mole sauce, here the sauce blends together a rich smokiness with a chocolate-y sweetness. That is topped with crema fresca and queso fresco, giving it a cheesy accent. Even if you aren’t typically a mole fan, try at least one here.

Great for a special brunch or evening out, I highly, highly recommend Casa Enrique. It is smart to get a reservation and well worth the trip to Queens.



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