Restaurant Review: Chumley’s


This past spring, I was lucky enough to snag tickets to Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s reprise of her one woman show Fleabag at the Soho Playhouse (this is the play that would lead to/inspire the hit Amazon show). The performance was amazing, even more raw than the TV show (if you haven’t seen it yet, seriously check it out). Afterwards, we headed to Chumley’s in the West Village.


The dining room is tight and dark, really evoking the speakeasy old-fashioned vibe. We kicked off the evening with a veal tartar and escargot toast- the evening version of avocado toast. Both were rich and decadent…but not nearly as much as our mains…


First up, we have duck confit with a chickpea waffle. This is topped with a hot date syrup, an extreme twist on chicken and waffles. Not to be outdone, the 86’d Burger is topped with a bone marrow spread, crispy shallots, cheese, and a special sauce. There were also plenty of crispy fries to share.

I would be sure to get a reservation, but Chumley’s is a great date-night dinner spot in the village.


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