Restaurant Review: Montesacro Pinseria BK

Located in the heart of East Williamsburg, Monescaro Pinseria brings old world Rome to Brooklyn. This recently opened West Coast import  has a beautiful outdoor dining area and very delicious food. When we went, they still hadn’t gotten their liquor license, so we BYOB’ed. We started out our meal with the porchetta, thick, shredded slices of salty ham goodness. Yes, we also got Cacio Pepe for an appetizer. It was delicious but it certainly didn’t steal the spotlight from the main focus of the meal…

…the pinsas! But what is that? Based on the ancient Roman recipe, Pinsa is a flatbread made from soy, rice, and wheat flour. It gives it the flatbread a lighter, fluffier taste than normal pizza crust. Since our adventurous group was four, we ordered three pinsa to share. My personal favorite was the Casal Bertone: mozzarella, crispy guanciale, pecorino, and Sardinian Chesnut Honey. I loved the richness of it with the bite of the pecorino. We also had the Marinella: mozzarella, broccolini, spicy pork sausage, and stracciatella (who doesn’t love all the cheeses?). Finally, we had the Portonaccio: tomato, mozzarella, fried eggplant, basil, and ricotta.


We finished things off with a coffee flavored chocolate dessert. Montesacro Pinseria is a great new pick for a romantic date night or a fun group dinner.


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