Restaurant Review: Le Fanfare

Tucked on the far northern end of Greenpoint’s Manhattan Avenue is Le Fanfare, a very unassuming yet tasty Italian restaurant with some incredible specials. Every Wednesday night is pasta night with three select special pastas offered for $10 each. Grab a reservation, bring a few friends, and be prepared for a great evening! Yes, the bread is complementary and delicious. First up, we ordered the meatballs. Although served with a white wine sauce instead of the typical red sauce, the meatballs were quite savory.

The burrata in all its gooey cheesy glory was served with fresh tomatoes. My favorite appetizer by far was the octopus. It was perfectly tender and grilled to perfection.


Although there were only three choices for pasta night (the specials change each week), it didn’t make picking one any easier. There was a pesto option and a ragu-like selection, I went with the cheesier pasta (I very much made the right choice). With the restaurant’s Sardinian influences, it is hard to go wrong…plus there is always next Wednesday’s pasta night!



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