Adventures in New York: Chinese Dry Pot


As a fan of hot pot, I knew I had to try Chinese dry pot! The new East Village/Alphabet City restaurant Mala Project serves just that. But what exactly is dry pot? A Sichuanese specialty, this dish is like hot pot but served dry sans soup.  Dinners select 4-10 different ingredients from meat to veggies to rice and the kitchen does the rest!

The restaurant itself was super cute! It had a great retro look, clearly a lot of time was devoted to creating the perfect atmosphere. And of course, the food did not disappoint. We started with scallion pancakes and dumplings (although afterwards, we realized we did order far too much food).

Since there were four of us, we decided on two bowls of about 10 ingredients each. One bowl would be a meat bowl, the other seafood. We had items such as baby bamboo, mushrooms, squid, prawn, meatballs, mustard greens, and more! Each bowl can also have a different level of spice from mild to very spice. We picked spicy… which was intense. In terms of taste, everything was beyond delicious, flavorful and fresh. However, next time I am not going to get my bowl as spicy, but I am looking forward to trying different flavor combinations. Overall, Malay project is a fun, tasty (and affordable!) dining experience. I highly recommend.

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