Adventures in Durham: Part II

I had so much fun in Durham over New Year’s that I just had to go back for round 2! Memorial Day weekend, I flew down for a quick trip to the Research Triangle area. It was a weekend of good friends, great food and beer, and plenty of pug snugs!

One of my favorite spots was Raleigh’s Boxcar Bar + Arcade. A lively bar filled with arcade games, each drink purchase got you a token to play more! From Skeeball to Dance, Dance Revolution, there were fun games for everyone. The MarioKart game even took your picture so that you can race your friends with your own character. With free freshly popped popcorn, this is a great spot for an afternoon or evening of fun.


For an afternoon pick-me-up, we stopped by the local favorite coffee shop, Cocoa Cinnamon. House in a former service station, this coffee spot has a fun and funky vibe to it. They pay their staff a living wage and source ingredients responsibly. I tried the KokyTu, espresso over an iced can sugar Mexican coke. The combination might sound strange, but it was so delicious. Not too sweet, frothy and satisfying. I also had to show off my nail art that Sarah did for me!

Near Cocoa Cinnamon is the Geer Street Garden, another gas station turned awesome local business. With farm fresh ingredients, I couldn’t resist getting the pesto ravioli special. But everything looked delicious… from the burgers to crab sandwiches to giant salads. It is great so see so many awesome (and tasty) local businesses. If you are looking for a low-key weekend get away, I would highly recommend the Raleigh-Durham area.



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