Bed Stuy Taco Crawl!


The Brooklyn neighborhood of Bed Stuy has a diverse option of eats, but the area near the Bedford-Nostrand stop is well-known for its plethora of taco joints. The only logical way to try them all… to embark on a taco crawl!

Our first stop was Oaxaca. Serving tacos made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Oaxaca’s tacos are tasty and flavorful. Although not the best tacos we encountered on our crawl, the atmosphere in Oaxaca is open and inviting. They also have happy hour specials that include a beer with each taco purchase.


Next stop…Salva Vida! Although they don’t serve beer, the staff didn’t mind that we did a little BYOB.


Billed as Mexi-Asian, I tried the very delicious carnitas taco. Although it was very tasty the best was yet to come…


Our third, and final, taco stop of the evening was Chilo’s,  a bar with a phenomenal taco truck in the back. Hands down, Chilo’s is my favorite of the tacos I have tried in Bed Stuy. They always have an interesting selection of tacos (from seafood to cactus) and each tastes delicious. The even have a special XXX Sauce that comes with its own disclaimer. They don’t even leave it out on the counter. I tried one of the specials of the night which had both octopus and chorizo. It was rich, juicy, spicy. The total taco package.

If you ever find yourself craving tacos, head to Bed Stuy. Just off the Bedford-Nostrand G are a wealth of delicious taco places to satisfy any craving.


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