Restaurant Review: Po’Mi

One of the great things about living in Brooklyn is all of the new, exciting restaurants that open. A few weeks ago, I went to try Po'Mi, a new sandwich shop in Bed-Stuy. They have two distinct sandwich menus, "Po' Style" (Po Boys) and "Mi Style" (Bahn Mi)...hence the name Po'Mi! I recommend going with … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Po’Mi

Adventures in Greece: Part I

Light acquires a transcendental quality: it is not the light of the Mediterranean alone, it is something more, something unfathomable, something holy. Here the light penetrates directly to the soul, opens the door and windows of the heart, makes on naked, exposed, isolated in a metaphysical bliss which makes everything clear without being known. No … Continue reading Adventures in Greece: Part I

Adventures in Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur

I will have to admit that my last post was a bit of a tease, since we didn't make it to Nicaragua, but it was all a part of the adventure! Late Sunday night, our Hosh adventure team landed in Managua and were shuttled immediately to our house rental in San Juan del Sur, about … Continue reading Adventures in Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur

Adventures in New York: Chinese Dry Pot

As a fan of hot pot, I knew I had to try Chinese dry pot! The new East Village/Alphabet City restaurant Mala Project serves just that. But what exactly is dry pot? A Sichuanese specialty, this dish is like hot pot but served dry sans soup.¬†¬†Dinners select 4-10 different ingredients from meat to veggies to … Continue reading Adventures in New York: Chinese Dry Pot

Restaurant in Review: Les Halles

Crepes Suzette, January 6, 2012 Last Friday night, I had the pleasure of dining at Les Halles (also known as that Anthony Bordain restaurant) to celebrate a friend's birthday. I had read online many customers complaining about the speed of the service, but as I was dining with about half a dozen Greeks, speed was … Continue reading Restaurant in Review: Les Halles