Restaurtant Review: Colador Cafe

Gabe Spice

Off the Bedford-Nostrad G stop is a delicious café, restaurant, and bar called the Colador. You can catch a Mets game there, grab a bite, or sip one of their beers on tap. One things I really love about the Colador is that they always have a very unique selection of drafts. Gabe, of the band Trash Gendar, (above) tried Ballast Point’s Habanero Sculpin. A light hoppy brew with a kick in every sip, it was too spicy for me! I’m going to stick to their other Sculpin flavors (like pineapple and grapefruit). I drank the much less spicy New Belgium Slow Ride Session IPA, a very fruit-flavored IPA.


On to the food! I will have to confess that I have only tried the Panini’s at Colador, but they do have a full breakfast menu, salads, burgers, and quesadillas. The other evening, I tried the ham and cheese Panini, a crunchy, delicious, and filling meal. And their fries! Try them with an extra side of the chipotle sauce for dipping. Crisp, not too greasy, these fries are perfection. If you are in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and looking for a quick meal or a cold beer and the Mets game, stop by the Colador Café.


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