Yoga Adventures in Nicaragua: Part I


For months, I have eagerly been anticipating my summer vacation, like a kid waiting for the first day of summer break. My yoga studio, the amazing Hosh in Greenpoint, was leading a trip to Nicaragua that promised adventure, beauty, and plenty of yoga. It delivered all of that and more!

An important part of one’s yoga practice is setting an intention, which is bringing your awareness to a quality or virtue you want to grow both on and off the mat. For this trip, I sent my intention to go with the flow more, give up control of the moment. The plans for the trip were out of my control, I didn’t want to spend time worrying or feeling anxious.

Nearly immediately my intention was tested. Weather delayed our flight out of New York, we were never going to make our flight late Saturday night from Fort Lauderdale to Managua, Nicaragua. Instead of worrying, I trusted in our group leaders to work everything out. We learned that when life gives you delays… go to the beach!

Since the earliest flight we could get out of Florida would be Sunday night, our group went ahead to Ft. Lauderdale to spend the day at the beach! They found us a great hotel right on the beach with a pool and comfortable rooms. Who can turn down breakfast beachside? 


Our hotel was even featured in the movie Analyze This. The inside bar had windows to a pool, but we never got to see the mermaid show.

For our last meal in the US, we took a trip down the main strip of Fort Lauderdale to the Drunken Taco. With oversized margaritas and outdoor seating, it was a great place to spend a few hours in the afternoon. We snacked on chips & guacamole, quesadillas, and other appetizers. Just because you miss your flight doesn’t mean you have to hang out bored in the airport all day! I was happy to be out of the city and eager to see what awaited in Nicaragua. Check in next week to see more about my yoga adventure in Nicaragua!



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