Adventures in New York: Matcha Bar


It is no secret that matcha, finely powdered green tea, has become wildly popular in the past few years. From chocolates to cake (admittedly two companies I formerly worked for!), matcha can be found in a variety of different foods. Even Starbucks has a matcha beverages. Williamsburg’s Matcha Bar is a café that focuses solely on this green tea delicacy. I stopped by recently for my AM caffeine fix on the way to work the other day to see if all-matcha-all-the-time lived up to the hype.

Located off the main Bedford Ave. drag, Matcha Bar was surprisingly cute inside, an oasis among the warehouses between Greenpoint and Williamsburg. With a variety of hot and iced drinks, plus pastries, there are plenty of matcha treats to pick from. I went with the Fuji Apple and Ginger Iced Matcha.

Look at that green tea goodness! My drink was very light and refreshing. I could taste the earthiness of the matcha and the tart of the apple, but neither were overwhelming or too thick. There was plenty of caffeine, too, but not so much as to make me jittery. However, at about $5.00 a drink, I can’t quite justify this as an everyday expense. It was a nice summer treat to branch out from the iced coffee. If you are a green tea lover, or just looking to try a new beverage, I would highly recommend stopping by the Matcha Bar.


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