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Restaurant Review: Boxcar Betty’s

In West Ashley, just outside of historic downtown Charleston, you can find the delicious purveyor of chicken sandwiches, Boxcar Betty’s. Rivaling the chicken sandwiches of even David Chang’s Fuku in Manhattan, Boxcar Betty’s makes their sandwiches with only the highest quality chicken and locally sourced ingredients. The look is ultra-retro and down-to-earth. The counter service… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Boxcar Betty’s

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Adventures in New York: Yoga in a Cat Cafe

Although the concept of a cat café is most associated with life in Japan, New York City boasts several. The city’s first café, the Meow Parlour, is located in the Lower East Side. Originally created to give cat lovers who are unable to have their own furry friend a place to play with these lovable creatures,… Continue reading Adventures in New York: Yoga in a Cat Cafe

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Restaurant Review: Nix

For the fabulous Sarah’s birthday, we indulged by going to dinner at the vegetarian restaurant Nix. And even without any meat, it was seriously rich and indulgent! I started out the meal with a surprisingly savory cocktail. I tried the Baja, which is mango, paprika, tequila, and lime. It tasted like a margarita with a nice… Continue reading Restaurant Review: Nix

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Restaurtant Review: Colador Cafe

Off the Bedford-Nostrad G stop is a delicious café, restaurant, and bar called the Colador. You can catch a Mets game there, grab a bite, or sip one of their beers on tap. One things I really love about the Colador is that they always have a very unique selection of drafts. Gabe, of the band Trash Gendar, (above)… Continue reading Restaurtant Review: Colador Cafe

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Adventures in New York: Matcha Bar

It is no secret that matcha, finely powdered green tea, has become wildly popular in the past few years. From chocolates to cake (admittedly two companies I formerly worked for!), matcha can be found in a variety of different foods. Even Starbucks has a matcha beverages. Williamsburg’s Matcha Bar is a café that focuses solely… Continue reading Adventures in New York: Matcha Bar

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Greenpoint Bites: Baoburg

New to the neighborhood, but not to NYC, is Chef Suchanan Aksornnan’s Baoburg.  Recently named one of New York’s most badass female chefs by Thrillist, the creations at Baoburg live up to the hype. I stopped by late on a recent week night, and the tiny restaurant was pretty packed. The décor is cute and charming, very… Continue reading Greenpoint Bites: Baoburg