Restaurant Review: Le Fanfare

Tucked on the far northern end of Greenpoint's Manhattan Avenue is Le Fanfare, a very unassuming yet tasty Italian restaurant with some incredible specials. Every Wednesday night is pasta night with three select special pastas offered for $10 each. Grab a reservation, bring a few friends, and be prepared for a great evening! Yes, the … Continue reading Restaurant Review: Le Fanfare

Greenpoint Bites: Baoburg

New to the neighborhood, but not to NYC, is Chef Suchanan Aksornnan's Baoburg.  Recently named one of New York's most badass female chefs by Thrillist, the creations at Baoburg live up to the hype. I stopped by late on a recent week night, and the tiny restaurant was pretty packed. The décor is cute and charming, very … Continue reading Greenpoint Bites: Baoburg

Adventures in New York: Snow Day!

Despite all of the warnings leading up to Saturday's record-breaking snowstorm, I don't think anyone quite believed this would really be the big one...until it hit. I went out that morning around 10am for yoga class, not realizing that a foot of snow had already fallen in Central Park and throughout New York. On my … Continue reading Adventures in New York: Snow Day!

Happy Hour Adventures: The Lobster Joint

Although the hot weather is showing no sign of stopping in NYC, summer always seems to be over with the end of summer Fridays, marked by the last Friday before Labor Day. For this occasion, we all went to check out happy hour at the Lobster Joint in Greenpoint. I hadn't been there since they first … Continue reading Happy Hour Adventures: The Lobster Joint

Beer Book: Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit Coaster The Black Rabbit is one of my all-time favorite bars in Greenpoint (actually maybe even in Brooklyn, which basically means favorite in New York City). Its decor draws very much on the ambiance of an old Irish pub without being kitschy or feeling out of place in the neighborhood. One of my … Continue reading Beer Book: Black Rabbit

Adventures in New York: No 7 Subs

  About a month ago, I went to check out the recently opened No 7 Subs in Greenpoint. They also have a Manhattan location. I ordered the roasted cauliflower sandwich, which was topped with potato chips, scallions, raisins, and smoked French Dressing. My friend and I split a side of tater tots. It was a … Continue reading Adventures in New York: No 7 Subs

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Currently, I am living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Which, fun fact, has the second largest Polish population in the country (second only to Chicago). Sometimes, ok a lot of the time, it is like living in a foreign country. For example, I passed the "Physical Culture OTOM" pictured above yesterday. It's a gym.  Also, I live … Continue reading Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Restaurant in Reivew: The Lobster Joint

Lobster Roll, Fries, Pickle, and Fork Sunday night, I went to check out the Lobster Join in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The inside made me feel like summer again. The decor was very Eastern Seaboard shabby chic hut.I splurged and ordered the lobster roll with fries. It might not look like much food, but it was very … Continue reading Restaurant in Reivew: The Lobster Joint