Adventures in Brooklyn: Greenwood Cemetery + Morbid Anatomy Museum

IMG-6006Did you know that Brooklyn has its own Cherry Blossom season? The historic Greenwood Cemetery has several Cherry Blossom trees that come into full bloom in the spring. Located in South Brooklyn, it is a gorgeous walk on a breezy spring day.

IMG-6007It isn’t just the trees that are spectacular. The monuments and gravestones are intricate and tell the history of Brooklyn.

IMG-6022The Greenwood Cemetery is also currently the home of the Morbid Anatomy Museum. Housed in the Fort Hamilton Gatehouse, this little museum is home to strange art and curiosities from around the world.

When we visited, a recording of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s séance was being played on an ancient phonograph. There was everything from books on the occult to creepy taxidermy.

With events and tours year-round, the Greenwood Cemetery is an excellent place to explore in South Brooklyn.


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