Adventures in New York: Snow Day!


Despite all of the warnings leading up to Saturday’s record-breaking snowstorm, I don’t think anyone quite believed this would really be the big one…until it hit. I went out that morning around 10am for yoga class, not realizing that a foot of snow had already fallen in Central Park and throughout New York. On my walk back home around 11:30, cars were starting to get covered in snow.


The city buses didn’t stop running until noon and all outdoor subway lines were closed in the early afternoon, but you can see how treacherous traveling became pretty early on. I’m glad I didn’t have anywhere to be! In my neighborhood, bars and restaurants were open for brunch but quickly closed once the city was declared to be in a state of emergency and a travel ban was placed.


Although my entrance wasn’t shoveled, a few brave souls cleared a bit of a path to get inside. It is bright and sunny the day after the storm, but Saturday was a total white-out of a storm.


Luckily, my Blue Apron order came a day early to beat the winter weather. Instead of joining the crowds at the grocery store for bread and milk, I made this hearty, delicious white pizza. Covered with fresh ricotta and mozzarella cheese, I topped the pizza with red onion, greens, and egg. I had trouble getting the pizza dough as flat and spread out as I wanted, but overall, a very delicious and simple to make recipe. The perfect way to keep warm on a snow day!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in New York: Snow Day!

  1. is that part of their vegetarian menu? we just received week 2 (not veg) and I’m super excited about it….. how long have you been with them?

    1. Hi! I have been with them about two months and am loving it. Some weeks, I do more of the vegetarian meals and some weeks, I pick the meat ones. It is great to mix it up.

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