Blog Roll Call

CIMG1238Epirus, Greece

A little bit of a departure from my normal format, I thought I would write a little bit about the cooking blogs that inspire me. First is Rachel Ray. While a lot of chefs tend to scoff at her, Rachel Ray recipes are the way I learned to cook (thanks to my mom) one summer. I like how easy the site is to search and the concepts behind the recipes from 30-minute meals to budget friendly versions of classics. Sometimes you just don’t have the time and energy to make a big, fancy meal.

Another blog I love, love, love is Crêpes of Wrath. Sydney is a fellow Brooklynite and is constantly posting new recipes and about new bars/restaurants in the area. In addition to having well-written and tasty recipes, each post has a series of pictures outlining the steps. She is where I found the Strawberry Chocolate Chip recipe, which has become infamous among my group of friends.

There is, of course, always plenty of inspiration to be found on Pintrest.  Although I haven’t actually made any of these recipes, I enjoy reading the Food in my Beard blog. He does crazy stuff like buffalo chicken pad Thai and Cool Ranch mac and cheese. On occasion, I do fid inspiration in the New York Times dining section, but usually I just find myself skimming it for what is going on in New York. Not strictly for recipes, Marcus Samuelson is a chef I like to follow online.

I hope that inspires some new reading for you. Happy cooking!


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