Adventures in Spain: Madrid Day 1

By taking advantage of Spain's high speed rail system, we were able to travel from Barcelona to Madrid in about two and a  half hours. We left the city as peaceful protests were turning into fiery clashes with the police that were closing down the airport and train stations. After checking in at the beautiful … Continue reading Adventures in Spain: Madrid Day 1

Adventures in Greece: Part I

Light acquires a transcendental quality: it is not the light of the Mediterranean alone, it is something more, something unfathomable, something holy. Here the light penetrates directly to the soul, opens the door and windows of the heart, makes on naked, exposed, isolated in a metaphysical bliss which makes everything clear without being known. No … Continue reading Adventures in Greece: Part I

Adventures in Nicaragua: Zip Lining!

Before I dive back into the Nicaragua adventures...I do have a quick self promotion. I will be reading this Thursday, August 4th at Local 61 in Brooklyn. The read starts at 6:20 and is part of the Big Words, Etc reading series. I'm not sure if I am going to be reading poetry or prose, … Continue reading Adventures in Nicaragua: Zip Lining!

Yoga Adventures in Nicaragua: Part I

For months, I have eagerly been anticipating my summer vacation, like a kid waiting for the first day of summer break. My yoga studio, the amazing Hosh in Greenpoint, was leading a trip to Nicaragua that promised adventure, beauty, and plenty of yoga. It delivered all of that and more! An important part of one's … Continue reading Yoga Adventures in Nicaragua: Part I

Beer Book: Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit Coaster The Black Rabbit is one of my all-time favorite bars in Greenpoint (actually maybe even in Brooklyn, which basically means favorite in New York City). Its decor draws very much on the ambiance of an old Irish pub without being kitschy or feeling out of place in the neighborhood. One of my … Continue reading Beer Book: Black Rabbit

Beer Book: The Bedford

Our next stop on the great Brooklyn Beer Book tour was The Bedford, a lovely bar on, of course, Bedford Ave. near the Williamsburg/Greenpoint border. There are two different bars and seating areas, but we chose to sit up front at the bar as it was still high brunch-time (brunch is a very serious endeavor … Continue reading Beer Book: The Bedford

Beer Book: Mugs Ale House

The second stop on the great beer book tour: Mugs Ale House. Chosen because of its proximity to my apartment (despite how sunny it looks the day was actually freezing). To be honest, Mugs is not one of my favorite establishments along Bedford (the Hipster main drag of Williamsburg). It is just your standard pub … Continue reading Beer Book: Mugs Ale House

Adventures in Montauk: Part I

This Memorial Day, my friends and I took a trip out to Montauk, Long Island for the weekend. Montauk is the furthest point on Long Island, the end of the line. On our drive from the city, we made a little detour to the Blue Point Brewery in Patchogue, Long Island, about half way to … Continue reading Adventures in Montauk: Part I

My Afternoon as a Penguin Handler

I volunteered at the annual corporate meeting. One of the tasks was "penguin handler" as one of the volunteers would be wearing the penguin mascot costume. The visibility is very limited, plus someone was needed to take pictures of people with the penguin. Of course, I had to volunteer for that position. It might not … Continue reading My Afternoon as a Penguin Handler

Purse Shopping on Canal Street

Like shopping at the Forever 21 in Times Square before Christmas, I will probably never go purse shopping on Canal Street again (if that sentence made no sense to you, then you should really be sure to stay away from shopping in Times Square). My $20 "Nine West" purse from Gabe's in rural Maryland had … Continue reading Purse Shopping on Canal Street