Adventures in New York: Fall at the Bronx Zoo


When the first fall breezes start to cool the New York air, it is a perfect time to make a visit to the Bronx Zoo. Our first stop was a ride on Wild Asia Monorail. This journey over the Bronx River into a recreation of the habitats of Asia features lions, hippopotamus,, and more.


Other regal creatures can be spotted on the monorail tour. The great thing about the ride is the live narration, so they can slow down and point out animals.


Giraffes and wild horses also can be seen along the wild Asia Monorail.


It’s crazy to think that this nature reserve is in the middle of New York City.


In Jungle World, you can see the majestic leopard stalking his cage. There are plenty of primates, too!


At the children’s zoo, you can get up close with alpacas and sheep looking to be fed a treat.


The bright, pink flamingos populate the zoo’s water features. The zoo isn’t all just new exhibits, some of the original zoo buildings stand majestically in the park.


The seasonal butterfly garden also lets you get up close to these beautiful insects.

Although the summertime months are often too hot for a visit to the zoo, late September is the perfect time to go. Be sure to get the total experience so that you can see all the zoo has to offer.


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