Adventures in Greece: Part III


From Athens, our Greece adventures continued to the Cycladic islands. Although there are plenty of ferry boats, both fast and slow, to Santorini, we decided to fly in order to maximize our time there. Another strategic planning choice was staying outside the smaller town of Oia, at the Ambelia Villas, instead of staying in the larger town of Fira. Not only was the price right, but we were a short distance from all Santorini had to offer.


Even on a cloudy day, Oia is spectacular. The island of Santorini as we know it now with its breathtakingly unique geography was formed by the collapse of the center of the volcano that originally formed the island. This is how the crescent caldera was formed. The architecture is informed by this cliff-like landscape with white painted houses to reflect the hot Mediterranean sun.

No island adventure would be complete without seafood! Fried calamari and the Greek beer Mythos make for a delicious lunch alfresco.

Wandering the twisty streets of Oia, there is plenty to explore. Small shops, cafes, and bars are everywhere along with plenty of curious sights. The donkey is a symbol of Santorini, they were (and still are) used to carry things from the old port up to the towns atop the caldera.


As you can see, the landscape of Santorini is fascinating! Check back for more exploration of the island.



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