Adventures in Nicaragua: Isla Ometepe


Back to the Hosh Adventures in Nicaragua! Another added benefit of going off schedule was that our lovely zip line guides recommended that we take a day trip to the Island of Ometepe. Located in Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe was formed by two volcanoes, creating an hour-glass shaped island. With a rich history and beautiful natural resources, Ometepe has long been regarded as a paradise on earth. The Parque de Adventuras las Nubes had a full day tour ready for us.

First, we need to take a ferry boat to the island. We did miss the first boat, but luckily there was another one within the hour. Our guide grabbed us coffee near by. Although we all had to wear our life-vests on the ferry, the ride was smooth sailing. Even from far away, the twin volcanoes looming in the distance were awe-inspiring.

The ferry arrived in the port town of Moyogalpa, but we quickly left there to explore the more natural side of the island (after a quick stop for breakfast pastries…where they graciously let me use their bathroom. I had opted not to use the one on the ferry). Our first official stop was the Punta Jesus Maria. On this narrow strip of stand, you can watch the tides hit it from opposite directions, the waves crashing against each other.

Although the day was overcast, the beauty of the landscape was apparent. The woods were rich and dense. The black sand of the lake beach was filled with small sea shells.

Next, our tour headed indoors to the La Ceiba Archaeological museum. The museum docent gave us a brief history of the island and showed us a plethora of pre-Colombian artifacts found nearby. There were some beautiful jade and onyx pieces. I found it fascinating that throughout history, Ometepe has been a destination for people both local and living far away. Their artifacts and remains, including burial urns, were on full display.

After the tour of the museum, we were taken to a small bar in the back. There, we were treated to a shot of the locally made spirits (and by that I mean moonshine). The first was very similar to tequila. It had some bite! We also tried it before distillation, which had a port-like taste to it. Much sweeter and smoother.

Stop by next week for the second half of the day. Sneak peek… rain, monkeys, and hiking!


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