Myrtle Beach: Part II

IMG_1136Over the dunes, here is the surf. As much as I love the sand, I’ve always thought the Atlantic was cold, murky. It feels eerie not being able to see what you are stepping on. I don’t think I went in past my knees. The damp, hard sand was the best for spreading out my beach towel to read in the sun. I got a little bit pink, but it was worth it. When the tide changes at Myrtle, “little pools” of water are left on the beach. Taking a walk down the beach, I made sure to splash in a few like we did when we were kids since our favorite part of the day was when we could play in the pools.


While most of North Myrtle was once private residences and smaller rental houses, those have long since been sold. These  condos are the new landscape of the beach, but that development all started even before I was born. North Myrtle Beach is the hometown of Vanna White and the miniature golf capitol of the world. It felt strange not playing a round, but it wouldn’t have been the same without my brother and cousins. We would always have to get in at least one game of Hawaiian Rubble, which had a volcano that would “erupt” or Professor Hacker’s Lost World with a wooden train that takes you to the top of the course. I played with the pink ball, my cousins usually insisted on brining their own putters. There are all still there. Not many people were playing on a Wednesday afternoon in the 90 degree heat, but I almost wished I had stopped to go a round. I can’t even remember which one was the last we  all played together.


On a slightly less nostalgic note, we did make one of my favorite summertime desserts- strawberry shortcake! My grandmother got fresh strawberries, newly in season, from a roadside stand. The shortcake was made in a nearby somewhat geriatric but popular restaurant, and the Cool Whip was from the BI-LO (which I got lost in, but that’s a different story). Not only is the perfect dessert for this time of the year because the strawberries are in season, but it essential no-bake. If you already have your shortcake prepared, you don’t have to worry about heating up the house with the oven. Delicious!


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