Adventures in Nicaragua: Zip Lining!

Before I dive back into the Nicaragua adventures...I do have a quick self promotion. I will be reading this Thursday, August 4th at Local 61 in Brooklyn. The read starts at 6:20 and is part of the Big Words, Etc reading series. I'm not sure if I am going to be reading poetry or prose, … Continue reading Adventures in Nicaragua: Zip Lining!

Adventures in Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur

I will have to admit that my last post was a bit of a tease, since we didn't make it to Nicaragua, but it was all a part of the adventure! Late Sunday night, our Hosh adventure team landed in Managua and were shuttled immediately to our house rental in San Juan del Sur, about … Continue reading Adventures in Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur

Myrtle Beach: Part II

Over the dunes, here is the surf. As much as I love the sand, I've always thought the Atlantic was cold, murky. It feels eerie not being able to see what you are stepping on. I don't think I went in past my knees. The damp, hard sand was the best for spreading out my beach … Continue reading Myrtle Beach: Part II

Myrtle Beach: Part I

A few weeks ago, I caught a direct flight from LGA (the gross terminal, which turns out to be all of the airport except the Delta terminal) down to Myrtle Beach. Aside from some weather related delays,  which have become the norm for me at this point, it was smooth traveling south. I was staying … Continue reading Myrtle Beach: Part I

Charleston Outdoors

While Charleston has incredibly lovely historic homes, the natural landmarks are also stunning. No, I am not being sponsored about any sort of tourism department there, I just have to share how remarkable of a place it is. The picture above is actually the branches of a single tree- Angel Oak. This is the largest tree … Continue reading Charleston Outdoors

Adventures in New York: First Coney Island Day of the Summer Part I

  On a whim (and by on a whim I mean about a 5 days before), Sarah suggested that we gather a group and travel out to Coney Island. I went there once last summer and was eager to go back. The weather seemed as if it would be perfect, sunny and 60s. I didn't … Continue reading Adventures in New York: First Coney Island Day of the Summer Part I