When do you become a New Yorker?

Storm from a Williamsburg Rooftop, Summer 2011

I would say you become a New Yorker after surviving an earthquake and hurricane within a month. And Godzilla. Or most likely when you truly believe in the greatness of the G train. But I read this really lovely article by Jackie Berg on Thought Catalog. She says it happens when, “It happens when your outstretched hand on the promenade can trace the entire skyline with memories. Underneath your pointer is that street where you felt your heart shatter, but only because thousands of hearts trudged onto shore from that street and into tenements to build the life you complain about. You connect the dots.”

And concludes, “These moments and yours – let’s sit together and quietly reflect when we step away from our respective New York nights and ride home together.”

Of course, there is always Gawker’s take on it all, “No, it’s after ten years in New York. Everyone knows that. Jesus fuck.”


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