Adventures in Cooking: Sesame Chicken and Szechaun Green Beans

I have been waiting a week to try this one, ever since I saw it posted on Marcus Samuelsson’s blog . It did not quite turn out like the picture on the blog, but it was quite good. As a side dish, I made green beans.

I actually prepped and measured out everything before I started cooking so that I could easily cook both at the same time. The green beans only took about 10 min, the same amount of time the chicken needed to simmer in the sauce. I don’t think that I got the sauce quite thick enough, but it tasted fantastic. Now I have left over sesame sauce to use for dumplings on Saturday.

Cooking the green beans was a new cooking experience, they had to be stir-fried at a very hot temperature to get them to “pucker” and turn that brown spotted color that you see when you order them at a restaurant. I was afraid I was going to set of the smoke-detector, but luckily that did not happen. Overall, a very tasty, fairly quick, and easy dinner to make. I made my own take-out!


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