Cooking Adventures: Chicken and Mushroom Pot Pie

The staged magazine version

Today, I will be “live blogging” my cooking adventure. The recipe that I am trying out is a slower cooker one from Real Simple Magazine. It can be found online here:

I am off to the grocery store to go get my veggies and chicken so I can rev up the slow cooker soon!

Ready to turn on the heat. Isn’t raw chicken gross?

Back from the grocery store! I made a few ingredient adjustments/short cuts. The crimini/baby bella’s came already chopped up. Also, I just bought the peeled baby carrots instead of regular carrots. I just didn’t really feel like peeling today. For some reason, the Key Foods only had “Lemon Thyme,” we shall see what that substitution does.

I cut up some veggies and threw them in to the slow cooker with the herbs, flour, and water. Chicken on top with a bay leaf. Now I just have to let it cook on low for about seven hours. Check back later tonight to see how it turns out!


It is now about 5:30pm. Some super yum smells are starting to come out of the crockpot, but it still needs to cook for another hour or so. Soon, I will need to bake the puff pastry and add the peas and green beans to the mix.

Ta Da!

The finished potpie dish! My version ended up a bit more soup-looking then cream-looking. I also was a bit off in my measurements of the puff pastry (but puff pasty always tastes delicious).

Regardless of my slight errors, it was a hearty, wintery pot soup. It was so easy to make and so little clean up that I will be giving it another shot this winter. If it is cold outside, grab your crockpot and get cooking!


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