Rear Window on Wheels: A Poem

Basically unrelated to my poem, here is a picture of a trashcan in Aachen, Germany. As part of an initiative to get citizens to clean up the town, they starting making talking trashcans. I wasn't going to throw my garbage on the ground regardless, but I love this little guy! He is telling me how … Continue reading Rear Window on Wheels: A Poem

Vlog Week 41: The Ode, a Tribute

  This week TheVlogPoets will turn the discussion of the Ode Poem into an online video joy-plosoin.  We will write, read and generally explore the form with you. Enjoy, and don't forget to tell a friend about us! Thanks for your support! Tumblr: Facebook: Twitter:!/TheVlogPoets Website:

Shady Side Review Spring 2012!

I know I was planning on writing Coney Island Part II, but our new SSR issue launched last night! I am too excited to write about anything else. It is an excellent issue. This is the first time that we have really utilized the issu platform by having a featured artist. We can basically make … Continue reading Shady Side Review Spring 2012!