Restaurant Review: Pizza Loves Emily

For my birthday a few weeks ago, we headed to Clinton Hill for dinner Emily. Much like Emmy Squared, Emily focuses on delicious pizzas and one decadent burger. However, these pizzas are wood-fired Neopolitan pizzas. First up, we tried the Olympus Mons pizza, which was a cheese-less pizza. WIth Szechuan oil, garlic aachar, pickled jalapeno, and seasonal greens, this pizza was a spicy light start to the meal.

After our appetizer pizza came my favorite part of the meal…the burger! Seriously, it was one of the best I’ve ever had. The Pat LaFrieda beef was juicy, covered with the special Emily sauce, caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese all on a pretzel bun. You have to go early, they sell out quickly!

The pizza menu has several sections: the reds, the pinks (vodka sauce), the greens (tomatillo sauce), and the whites. We tried one from almost every section. The Mons was a red, but our next was from the whites, the eponymous Emily pizza. A sweeter pizza, this rich pie is mozzarella, pistachio, truffle sottocenere, and honey.

From the greens, we selected the Pico Supreme, which had mozzarella, onion, chicken tinga, and ranch. It’s hard to pick a favorite (aside from the burger), but I think I would have to say the rich sweetness of the Emily was my favorite.

Regardless of if you prefer the pizza or the burger (burger, the answer is burger), Emily is a great spot for a special dinner.


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