Adventures in Greece: Part VI


From Santorini, we traveled by ferry to the island of Ios. As we approached the island, the cliff-side landscape came into view.

The ferry boat arrives into the port, but the Chora, main town, ascends up the slope of the island. The Liostasi Hotel, where we stayed, was an absolute dream in terms of amenities. While our room was modest, it was very affordable.

Between the views and the pool, I would highly recommend the Liostasi Hotel.

Although we really took our time on Ios as a day to relax after the whirlwind that was Santorini, we did walk through the main island town. Typical of the Greek islands, there was a white-washed church with blue domes. Overall, I found Ios pretty underwhelming. It’s main draw really is the nightlife…which doesn’t even get going until June…and after midnight. A college student might find it appealing to party all night followed by laying on the beach all day, but that isn’t what we were looking for this trip.


Despite the fact that the island itself didn’t have a lot to do, it was nice to take a break and relax by the pool for a day.

And what would an island day be without a drink at sunset? The Blue Island is the Greek version of a Corona, light and refreshing.

The hotel also boasted one of the best restaurants on the island, Grandma’s. The restaurant space itself is outside by the pool, but this was hardly a poolside snack bar. The seafood was fresh and delicious and the service was impeccable. It was well worth the splurge for dinner.



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