Official Unofficial NYC Brewery Tour: Five Boroughs Brewing Co.

Welcome to the first installment of the Official Unofficial NYC Brewery Tour…reviews, pictures, and tales from touring as many breweries in NYC (and maybe Long Island) as possible. First stop, the Five Boroughs Brewing Co. in Sunset Park!

Tucked among warehouses in the formerly very industrial, now next-up-and-coming-neighborhood, the Five Boroughs tap room is a large, open space fit for hanging out and trying new brews.

I started out with a tasting of their Raspberry Gose, Tiny IPA, and Mango Saison. The Tiny IPA was the most easy-drinking for me as it was designed to have the full hops of an IPA but with a lower ABV. Next up was the stunning red Raspberry Gose. Although I am not usually a huge fan of sours, I found the bright red hard to resist. Salty and tart with a mix of raspberry, this was a really fun beer to try. I rounded out the sampler with the Mango Saison, which was my personal favorite. Taking a classic farmhouse style, the brewers then add Citra hops throughout the brewing process along with a heavy dose of mango. The end result is a delicious, fruity beer that isn’t overwhelmingly sweet.

We of course had to take the obligatory brewery tour selfie.

After trying our samplers, I ordered a glass of the Mango Saison. In addition to having unique beers and very knowledgably and friendly staff, Five Boroughs has a very cool aesthetic. It is well worth the trek to Sunset Park to enjoy a brew (or two or three!) at Five Boroughs.


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