Return from the Wild

I survived a weekend cabin trip in Upstate New York. There really weren’t too many terrifying Oh-My-God-we-are-in- the-middle-of-nowhere-no-one can-hear-us-scream moments. It really felt good to “get away from it all” as cliche as that sounds. As I have been trying to settle down and create a life for myself, I had started to forget how much I love to travel. I also have never laughed so hard in 48 hours in my life.

The picture above is from the one hike our group managed to make it on. The picture is pretty poor representation of what we could see. After only hiking up for about twenty min. we were met with this incredible panorama. The great thing about traveling with friends who actually know photography and have those crazy professional cameras, means that I can just let go in the moment and let them capture the images.

I am excited for where the next out of the city trip will take me (hint, it is Pittsburgh in a few weeks).


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