Free Hair Styling: Part II

As the second part of being a Bumble and Bumble Hair U model, I also receive a free color. I am going in the morning to have my hair dyed for the first time, a single process. Above is a pretty good representation of the color my hair is now, styled by Sarah Grubb for New Year’s Eve.

I headed to the Meatpacking district this morning. My student/stylist Yola was very nice and had great ideas for my hair. I sort of wanted some red in it, but she wanted to make my color richer. First she added all of the dye goop to my hair. Luckily it only had to sit for about twenty min. Then after shampooing it out of my hair (is there anything better then having your hair washed?), she added an opaque shine. It is hard to tell in the picture, but I think I have some high-lights and a fuller, richer color (one that makes my eyes “pop”). Overall, a nice experience. Since it was my first time, she made sure to pick a color that will not require much maintenance. I went ahead and scheduled my next appointment, but I am going to wait until June and see if I want to do it again.

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