(Free and Cheap) Adventures in New York

Hot Chocolate, Cafe Grumpy

Monday, I went to my first model open call. Well, not exactly. It was not an actual audition/open call for models, but an open call for hair models at the Bumble and Bumble Hair U. Basically, if they like your hair, you can get a free hair cut and color. Not only that, but after the initial cut, you can go anytime to get free haircuts. Free. From some of the best cosmetology students in the city.

I headed out to the Meatpacking district to have my hair poked and fluffed. Ivan determined that my hair was perfect for the Razor Bob. I could even be the demo model, the hair that is cut by the master stylist in font of his or her class. Luckily for me, there was not an open space. I am not totally sure I could sit that still for two hours. Also, either I tend to tilt my head or my head is nautrally crooked. since stylists always have to strighten it when they are cutting my hair. Zoe checked my hair for color model potential. Somehow, I passed that test, too. I am going to have my hair dyed for the first time professionally in February. Since I was one of the first people in line, the process did not take that long. If you are looking for a free haircut and the ego boost of being chosen as a “model,” I would recommend checking Bumble and Bumble Model U out.

Diamond Street, Greenpoint

The next free event of the day was visiting a TV show filming. On my way to the grocery store, I noticed that the Good Wife would be filming the block down from my apartment. The filming would last from 7pm to midnight, a “middle eastern college protest scene” complete with fake cops. And real cops, just in case. It was pretty anti-climatic: some people standing in the street holding a banner, a few poorly/cheesily dressed riot cops, a light, a fake truck. I’m sure once the actually filming started, things must have gotten more interesting. Maybe they were going to digitally insert more protesters. Also, I guess my neighborhood looks like a Syrian neighborhood, so that is pretty awesome.

Avery Island, Louisiana, May 2010

The night wrapped up with one of my favorite free events, trivia at the Alligator Lounge. Not only is it free to play trivia, but with every drink purchase you get a free pizza. Many places in New York will charge an entry fee to play trivia. I don’t mind that if the prizes are a cash pot. However, I did play Simpsons Trivia with a five dollar buy in. We came nowhere near winning, but the prize was a dozen do-nuts. Where did all that entry fee money go?

After two pizzas each and four rounds of trivia, my team won second place! One of our clutch answers came during the category about the state of Iowa: what 1995 movie that takes place and is filmed in Iowa, based on a book, did the director also star in? I almost didn’t get it. Until the trivia guy said, it is a movie that everyone has heard of but no one hear has seen. Bridges of Madison County, for the win. I never saw the movie, but I read the book.

Check back here tomorrow for more reporting on awesome free things to do in New York. Remember, no matter how awful that book was, reading it might come in handy some day.


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