Welcome to 2012

European Gift

So far, I have had a pretty bumpy start to my 2012. The whole start new, new year thing has proven to be a bit too much pressure. But I am starting fresh, starting with this blog.

My roommate just returned from Germany and with her came on of my favorite European foods–Paprika Pringles. For some reason they are not available in the United States. The flavor was a bit more intense then I remembered, but they were still crunchy and salty with that hint of smoky Paprika. That’s a great way to start the new year.

I have also finished by first book for the year, Sleep Walk with Me: and Other Painfully True Stories by Mike Birbiglia. On my epic Thanksgiving road trip, my brother played some of his stand-up for me. Since I enjoyed it, he got me Birbiglia’s book for Christmas. It is a bit creepy to write about him, as he mentions in his books that he avidly follows his own Google alerts to see when people write about him, even college newspapers (Hi, Mike!).

Yes, the book is hilarious. And Birbiglia is a fantastic combination of comedian and storyteller as each of his “bits” have a narrative arc and come full circle in surprising ways. But, what really inspired me was his tenacity to never give up on his career as a comedian. One of my goals/resolutions/game plans for this year is to start a paid career in publishing in New York before I am no longer insured. Birbiglia’s memoir/written stand-up piece really showed me that despite what his parents and everyone else around him said, he was determined to become a comedian. And he made it happen. It did lead to some really wild sleep walking incidents (you really should read the book for those), but he made it. He even opened for one of his comedic heroes.

So as another one of my goals for 2012, I will be updating this blog. Musings on books, writing, and other random things that I take pictures of. Hopefully, it will be a Paprika Pringle of a year.


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