Adventures in Iceland: Part I

Taking advantage of super cheap airfare on (the now defunct) WOW air and a long holiday weekend, we spent a few days this past October in beautiful Iceland! A quick six hour jaunt from JFK, and we landed in Reykjavik, grabbed our rental car, and hit the road. Driving down the south coast of Iceland, … Continue reading Adventures in Iceland: Part I

Charleston Outdoors

While Charleston has incredibly lovely historic homes, the natural landmarks are also stunning. No, I am not being sponsored about any sort of tourism¬†department there, I just have to share how remarkable of a place it is. The picture above is actually the branches of a single tree- Angel Oak. This is the largest tree … Continue reading Charleston Outdoors

Friday Writing Prompt

New York Public Library, November¬† 2008 Happy Friday! By now, I am on my way to a cabin upstate to enjoy a little rest and relaxation. So, I suggest for this weekend's writing prompt--GET OUTSIDE! Leave your house/apartment and get somewhere green. Find a nice bench and just sit. You can bring you notebook if … Continue reading Friday Writing Prompt