Shady Side Review Spring 2012!

I know I was planning on writing Coney Island Part II, but our new SSR issue launched last night! I am too excited to write about anything else. It is an excellent issue. This is the first time that we have really utilized the issu platform by having a featured artist. We can basically make … Continue reading Shady Side Review Spring 2012!

Friday Writing Prompt

Dublin, Ireland, June 2008 We made it to the weekend! Here is a writing prompt, inspired by my former professor Joy Katz, to get your creative juices flowing and start off your weekend writing. Write a love/hate letter to an inanimate object or a place. Need more direction? Try following these guidelines: 20 lines long; … Continue reading Friday Writing Prompt

Chapbook Review: In the Methow Valley

To change things up a bit, this weeks review is actually a fiction short story chapbook. Before I start my review, I would like to say that the chapbook is a very viable means of publishing short stories. They are often published in journals, both online and in print, but those journals have strict word … Continue reading Chapbook Review: In the Methow Valley